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Mudanzas Castellana: The leading company in Spain in terms of transportation, removals and storage in Madrid. Founded in 1947. Our vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art material, our staff is highly-qualified and widely-experienced, and we use wrapping materials of only the highest quality so that we can provide you with the service that best suits your needs. We now have 17 offices all over Spain:
The Madrid office has 23 vans and a staff of 87 people.
Telephone: 91 690 22 50
Moving Home:
We are specialists in removals from private homes in Madrid, apartments, houses, flats, etc.
Packing: We do all your packing. Ornaments, lamps, dinner services, small books, domestic appliances, etc... or we can offer you cardboard boxes if you prefer to wrap your belongings yourself.
Dismantling and assembling furniture in Madrid: Once in the new home, we dismantle and reassemble all the furniture (tables, shelf units, filing cabinets, etc.), even custom-made shelf-units and pieces of furniture, as we have our own cabinet makers.
Don't accept quotes over the phone: This will help avoid any later modifications.
Formalize a contract: A verbal agreement can be broken.
Check that the company complies with the requirements legally established for these services: Ensure that it is registered, that is has civil and merchandise liability insurance, and that its staff are insured and specialize in removals.
Don't be taken in by cheap relocation quotes: They may well be cheaper because they do not comply with the abovementioned points. Insist the company complies with all of the above, and you'll save yourself problems.

When you arrive at your new home, check that the inventory you made coincides exactly with that of the removal company. None of your belongings should ever be mislaid during a professional, efficient removal.
Check and recheck the services offered by the removal company to avoid false expectations.
When thinking about hiring a removal company, never forget that you are moving your home and should only consider professionals, never amateurs.


Telephone: 91 690 22 50
Furniture Storage
We use wooden containers to store the furniture in Madrid, thus, each box is like a small room within the furniture repository in Madrid.
Guarded 24 hours a day by a security company: Making it better and safer than a warehouse in the middle of an industrial estate, no matter how many alarms this has. Some companies offer camera surveillance, although we are not really sure why, perhaps they like to provide clients with a tape showing them exactly how their furniture was stolen. A good furniture repository should be guarded 24 hours a day by people actually on the premises.
A good fire prevention system: with smoke detectors and a sprinkler system. This is of the utmost importance, as there are a lot of inflammable packing materials (cardboard, bubble-wrap, etc.) inside the furniture repository and there is a high risk of fire breaking out.
Insurance and guarantees in writing: under contract, for any damage produced within our installations.
Insist on seeing the installations before hiring the company, this will help avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future.
Make sure the furniture repository in Madrid is guarded 24 hours a day by a security company.
The furniture should be insured inside the furniture repository in Madrid: by a policy covering their true worth. Said policy should be made out personally to you.
Formalize a contract: A verbal quote can be changed.
Telephone: 91 690 22 50
Office Removals
Mudanzas Castellana specializes in office removals in Madrid, and our clients range from the small professional to large companies and official centers.

The service for office removals in Madrid includes:

Packing of documentation and equipment: If the client wishes to do the packing himself, we will supply him with our boxes and this will work out a little cheaper than if we take care of it.
Dismantling and assembling furniture in Madrid: Once in the new home, we dismantle and reassemble all the furniture (tables, shelf units, filing cabinets, etc.), even custom-made shelf-units and pieces of furniture, as we have our own cabinet makers.
Telephone: 91 690 22 50
Lifting Crane
Mudanzas Castellana has lifting cranes in Madrid of varying heights, making the removal more comfortable and safe. It always has elevators that can be dismounted and can be used in difficult areas, lighting rooms, gardens, and narrow areas.
Telephone: 91 690 22 50
Dismantling and assembling furniture
We dismantle and assemble all types of furniture in Madrid , including murals, wood paneling, custom-made pieces of furniture; furniture assembled using glue, etc. We have our own cabinet makers and assemblers.
Telephone: 91 690 22 50
Internal Relocations
We move furniture and documentation to different locations withiin the premises as a result of the restructuring of offices, libraries, universities, etc.
Telephone: 91 690 22 50
Piano Transportation
We have a team that specializes in moving and transporting pianos in Madrid, regardless of whether we do move the rest of removal or not.
Telephone: 91 690 22 50
Transportation and Small Removals
We also take care of transportation and small removals in Madrid. We don't have to relocate the entire house; we also transport furniture, fittings and individual items. Ask for a quote.
Telephone: 91 690 22 50
Established in 1947
Mudanzas Castellana was established in 1947, and thus has many years of experience in the market, and is highly solvent and secure.
Telephone: 91 690 22 50
A serious company that offers guarantees
Mudanzas Castellana undertakes in writing and under contract, subject to the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid, to be held responsibility for any defect it may cause, and certifies to comply with all the guarantees within the said contract.

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